A Jersey Linux User Group, JeLug

The Channel Islands Linux resource.

The World is turning and Jersey is still an Island!

What could OpenSource Software do for Business in Jersey?

A general and genuine turn toward the use of Open Source software in Jersey could:
  • Create and develop new business areas and company's in Jersey.
  • Bring new business into Jersey and give us new business opportunities.
  • Increase the business activities and the general technological interest in Jersey.
  • Inject a new spirit in, and vitalize existing business and place us in focus of software and modern It development.
  • Get attention from, and focus the computer industry on Jersey as an interesting technological area.
  • It would increase and develop the computer and technology maturity in the Island.
  • Jersey could be a model for other communities and become a place to arrange seminars, activities and education around the use and implementation of Open Source software. It could give us the possibilities to export knowledge and know-how to others.

Activities around Open source software and Linux is growing day by day. Governments and Organizations are turning to Linux and Open source. Using Open source software is a good and economical path to sound, safe and secure data systems. Small communities, organizations and individuals can all contribute to the development of Open source software. There must be a Linux User Group community in Jersey !

Linux Info

Why should we have a Linux User Group ?

  • To inspire and develop computer interest in Jersey.
  • To activate and help develop software development on the islands.
  • Bring together people interested in computers and software, especially those interested in using Linux and Linux based software.
  • To learn more about Internet and computer software usage.
  • To help each other with linux and other hardware and software issues.

What could the Jersey LUG do ?
Possible Activities.

  • Help, teach and learn more about software and computers.
  • Participate in IT-related event that takes place in Jersey
  • Local Linux Projects
  • Meetings and Workshops
  • Mailing Lists and Tech-talks
  • More Idea's in the Linux-User-Group-How-to !


Organisation Status:
Not formally formed. The Jersey Linux User Group should be a nonprofit organization.


What happened ?


Not much, an email a year, 2013 - revised web pages, simplified and checked.

May 2003

Highland Collage is giving a Linux course in JUNE !

December 2002

NumberOne Computers in S:t Helier is starting to sell a Linux-Only box for about 300 pounds

October 2002

No activities, No Events

July 2002

Since I put up the flyers there has been around 200 visitors to the JeLug pages. But poor feedback. I've talked to a couple of people about getting together for a beer and talk about what we could do, probably end of this week. The LUG could be just a couple of mailinglists and a beer to talk computers in general a couple of times a year. But if there are more interest .. fine.
Created these web-pages.
Distributed small poster in different places on the island, Computer stores etc.

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