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    So What is Linux?

    There are many answers to this question! Much is written about how Linus Torvalds developed Linux and what happened then.
    The Linux system is a Unix-clone. A bare Linux system is just the Operating system kernel, drivers for hardware, file system etc. and quite a number of system programs. It would take less than 100Mb to install and you have a multiuser, networking, character / terminal based computer system and you could run it on an old 386 pc.
    But in the Linux concept we include a number of other functions and programs also developed in the Open Source community. So when we add the Free X11 system, a Window manager and some other programs, then we have a complete modern and nice desktop computer system. Linux software has matured the last couple of years and there are a lot of quality programs around.

    Linux is NOT ONE system, it is a modular system that becomes different things depending on how you configure it. You might already be running it on your TV set-top box without knowing it.

    Read more here: Linux OnLine or here: University of Helsinki - Department of Computer Science
    Take a look at these links, or search the web, there are loads of linux information on the net. What is Linux?
    Good places to start your Linux learning.
    Linux Newbie Help Files
    Linux Documentation Project Linux.org

Why Use Linux ?

Because Linux has good:
  • Security and
  • Stability
    and is:
  • Highly configurable,
  • Controllable,
  • Cost efficient,
  • Affordable.

    And the future ?
  • It won't go away !
  • Application base increases.
    There is a wide variety of different programs available, both commercial and open source software. And more and more companies and people is getting involved in open software development.
  • Why be left behind ?
    If your are not already a user, TRY it!

Which Linux should you use?

There are more than 100 official Linux distributions around. Some commercial, some as hobby-projects and everything in between. The big distributions are often distributed as different compilation of Linux for different purposes.
Specialized releases for desktop, server, mail server, firewall etc. The different versions are usually easy and simple to install, quicker to install than any Ms-windows installation. And it works with loads of hardware and computer boxes.

The big official distributions are packed with several hundreds of programs. All you need for your Office use, to edit text documents, get on the Internet, send and receive mails etc.
A long list here

Programs & Applications For your Desktop
Linux desktop environment.
Another Linux desktop environment.
Desktop themes for all major Window Managers/GUI's
The latest software releases & updates for Linux.
The Linux Kernel archives.Get the latest kernel here
More software install packages than you can ever use
The latest KDE, GUI/Windows-system and applications for Linux.
Scientific Applications on Linux.
Linux games database

Are there any applications that run on Linux?
There are thousands of applications running on Linux worldwide. Everything from office packages, movie editing systems, scientific applications and games. And more are appearing everyday.

What is Linux used for?
You may already use Linux without knowing about it. Linux is free for both personal and commercial use and exist embedded in new home equipment without anyone tells you. So Are you already a user ? maybe.
Linux may run your satellite or TV-set-top-box. You tell me!
There are no official sales list, statistics on usage or user list for linux so everything would be guesses and estimates. But linux exists in a variety of forms and has been fitted and implemented in a wide variety of computer chip things, from clock-size to mainframe. Dedicated for a specific purpose or as a very general tool.

So fundamentally anything that you use a computer for:
As Desktop:

  • Workstations standalone or,
  • X-Terminal Clients
  • Graphics and animation systems As Servers:
  • Web Application Servers,
  • Database Servers,
  • Network Servers,
  • Internet Servers For Development:
  • Code development
  • Cluster Computing and calculation,
  • Embedded systems,
  • etc etc.

    Applications exists in all types of areas, such as:
  • Reservation systems,
  • Legal offices,
  • Stores,
  • Hotels,
  • Many Company servers
  • Official governmental recommendations for software use (China, Argentina),
  • Media,
  • Telecommunications,
  • ISPs,
  • Resellers, Manufacturers, Retail, Financial, Trader Workstations,
  • Corporate Developers, and more...
  • Linux Distributions
    Check Which distro is the right one for you?

    Where do you get your Linux system ?

  • Buy a box or a cd in the store.
  • Get it from a friend.
  • Download it from the Internet.
  • Get it from the User Group.

    This is just a few of the more known distributions:
    Debian.org Debian Linux Distribution
    RedHat.com RedHat Linux Distribution.
    Slackware.org Slackware Linux Distribution
    SuSE.com SuSE Linux Distribution
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