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Updated: 19 Feb 16


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Free Utilities / Useful Scripts.

Here are some scripts and code that you may use if you find them useful. The code is released under and within the GNU Public License.

There are some Oracle SqlPlus-scripts that many that is working with an Oracle databases writes over and over again. More or less sophisticated. I wrote my first ones years ago and I end up writing the same scripts in project after project. These scripts are not unique in any way. You may use my versions freely, as is, or modified.

The PL/SQL API PACKAGE GENERATE script is useful to create a standard package that contains a lot of trivial base-code. Use it as a template, before you start coding and create code that really does something useful in your applications.

The UNLOAD script are handy to use to move data between systems, even if it does not cover all data types and formats.
There are a couple of scripts used to extract, create and recreate SYNONYMS, GRANTS and SEQUENCES. These are used in every Oracle project and are rewritten over and over again during development.
The drop and create SEQUENCES can be used to reset/restore sequences quickly in a test system.
If you modify and release my scripts to public, please leave my reference in it. If you like to add functionality and/or corrections, feel free to mail me suggestions.
To "download" the file, click on the "Show Script" button and save the page, and change the name to the "suggested name.sql".

The php scripts includes a flat-file record, data utility. I wrote it first because I wanted to have an all php based web site, but with some "database" functionality, without having to use a database just to read or write a couple of hundreds of records here and there. I used it for a number of years and it supports both read, write, sort, keys, selection and more. It can use both json-formated or a csv-type of records.

Code is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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